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Most Frequently Asked Question

Following are the questions frequently asked by our customers before placing an order. If your have any questions in mind, you might find your answers from this list, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email to service@bobbledad.com. The customer service representative will reply your email within one working day.


Most Common Questions


What’s the turnaround time of the bobbleheads?

It takes 7 business days to 2 months to have the items done and delivered. The actual turnaround time depends on the time frame you choose at checkout. Rush orders will be subject to rush sculpture fee as the artists and baking processors have to put the other orders aside to focus on your order only. Following are the details of time frame and shipping + rush sculpture fee.

A. Standard (2 Months with Proofing) - $22.00
B. Slightly Rush (5-6 Weeks with Proofing) - $32.00
C. Rush (3-4 Weeks with Proofing) - $42.00
D. Very Rush (15 Business Days with Proofing) - $55.00
E. Extremely Rush (10 Business days without Proofing) - $75.00
F. Wow, I need it now (7 Business days without Proofing) - $95.00


What payment methods do you accept ?

We normally accept payment via Paypal because it is safer, easier and quicker. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can also pay by credit card via Paypal platform. Please refer to this page for credit card payment.


How tall are the bobbles?

The standard size of our bobble is about 18 cm (7 Inches). As all the items are 100% handmade, the heights might be slightly different.


How heavy is the bobble?

The weight of a bobblehead depends on which model you choose. In general, one single bobblehead is about 350g (12.5 oz).


What is the bobblehead made from?

The raw material of our bobblehead is high quality polymer clay, which is more colorful and environmentally friendly than the general resin or plastics. Therefore, our products are more 3D alike than those made from synthetic resin.


Does the head bobble?

Yes, we make bobbleheads. If you like to have yours with fixed head, please advise your instruction at the comments section during the checkout.





How can I send the photos?

You can upload the photos online at the checkout page. If the photos are too large or too many to upload, please send them via email to service@bobbledad.com


How many photos do you need?

Ideally a clear front view and a side view photo are required. If you don’t have a side view, a clear front view should be good to go. As the artist doesn't know the real person and can only make sculptures according to your photo, please make sure the facial expression in the photo is that you want for the bobble too.


Special Order


Can I incorporate some special ideas on my order?

Sure, we are glad to make special items for our customers. If you want to design your bobbles in a unique way, please place your order at the fully custom bobblehead section . You can either write your idea at the comments section at checkout or send us an email with your order number.


Can I change the clothing or color of the bobblehead model?

No problem, please advise your idea or send us the pictures of the clothing for reference. Please note that changes on the clothing will be subject to additional fee of $20 because the artist can’t use the pre-made body and have to re-sculpt a new body for your order.


Can I change the pose of the model bobblehead?

Yes, just feel free to send us the picture of the pose for our information, the artist will do it as per your instruction. Changes on the pose will be subject to additional fee of $20 because the artist can’t use the pre-made body and have to re-sculpt a new body for your order.


Can I add an prop on my bobblehead?

Sure, the small props like baseball hat, glasses and cell phone could be made for free. Big prop will be subject to additional fee depending on the size and sculpture time of it.


Can I design the bobblehead from head to toe?

Yes, just place your order at the fully custom bobblehead category.


Can you make another expression instead of smiling?

Yes, please send us a photo for reference. The artists don't know the real person, they can only sculpt the expression as the photo you sent.




How many proofs I will receive? Can you make improvements on the proof?

You will receive a complete proof once the sculpture is done. Normally, 95% of the customers will give their approval on the first proof. If you are satisfied with the outcome, we will have it baked and shipped. If you are dissatisfied with it, please feel free to advise your comments. We will make the modifications as per your instructions and send you the new proofs, till you are satisfied with the outcome.




Where do you ship?

Worldwide, with the efficient logistic service from DHL, UPS and FedEX, we ship items worldwide easily.


How long is the shipping time?

It depends on your locations. Normally, the shipping time is 2-5 business days. The logistics will slow down 2-3 days during the Christmas sales peak ( Dec 15th - Dec 25th )


Can I combine the shipment if I place multiple orders?

Yes, just inform us with your order#, we will pack the items in the same package and ship them to the same address.


Pricing, discount and refund


What’s the price of a bobblehead?

The price of single bobblehead starts at $79 and double bobbleheads start at $158.


Can I get a discount for bulk order?

As all the bobbleheads are handmade, not produced by machine, we only offer discount for orders of 10+ units.


What if I’m not satisfied with the outcome of my bobblehead?

We proudly offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, just make sure you have sent a clear straight front view photo and specify what make the face doesn’t look like the real person, we will modified it as per your comments till you are satisfied with the result.